Here in my country the plains abound, in fact we are known for being plains, farmland and livestock, however although everything seems very nice. Cattle grazing is really something for passionate people, it is not for everyone, and it is something that you learn from day to day. This implies many things that you must face, the sun, the thick forest, the mosquitoes, the work that every day must fulfill, it is really for the people who love and have knowledge related to this lifestyle.


Not everyone can accomplish this hard work surrounded by a life full of crops, livestock, harp, four and maracas. We usually see the llanera music, the roast meat, the horse riding and even the clothing in a very attractive and striking way, but behind all that people get up early in the morning, they have a really intense sun, they endure a surprising heat and withstand the plague that surrounds these lands.


Although outside of all that, it is a pleasant life, a life that the one who learns to love her will definitely not leave her, has such natural elements, a lifestyle that people are really in love with, so if we ask ourselves how it is possible to bear all that, then there is no better answer than this.


Cattle grazing is for passionate!

All content and pictures are from @sampraise taken with a Nikon COOLPIX L820 camera

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