The platform is booming, and the main theme is the votes to the witnesses and the incessant insults made Justin Sun, that although many people see it as a grace, perhaps the way in which the main witnesses can make us unethical and not sociable They set an example of public relations, from the beginning they have been implacable and rude in their way of thinking regarding the acquisition of Steemit int. That of course we were all surprised and although for many it was a joy, for others it was an insult.


If there is something that must be implemented, it is a serious negotiation despite not wanting it and achieving a reconciliation between the parties to the conflict. The community has already shown our support for the witnesses (although there is still a lack of mobilization) waiting for them to finish showing their faces for the community and not just to safeguard their interests and save their skin.

Let’s hope we don’t find a bigger disappointment than Dan @dantheman made when he got his way on February 14, and some don’t have much confidence in what might happen later, how things have come out.

An important question we could ask ourselves is: And now that we have the Witnesses that we had, are they among the first ones that follow? This results in something positive and what changes will they bring in this whole situation? What is your idea regarding the following actions that bring a benefit to the whole community?

Example we have here in Venezuela, where politicians have had an endless struggle for the power and resources provided by this nation betraying the trust of all those who have followed, both governments and opposition leaders have spoken on countless occasions that their struggle It is for the good of the people and in the end they just end up dissecting more and leading us to a more critical situation.

Who really wants our wellbeing? Who really is the bad guy in the movie?

In the end, only we have to wait to see what happened with this mess that started badly from the beginning.

Just as I continue to support and seek to have my contribution to this community without having to lose my desire to create good relationships with those who think differently from me, to generate a harmony that ultimately brings or genuine and integrated growth to all.

Don’t let us down.


Until a Next Post…C0F.gif

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