In Steemit, the time factor plays a very important role for us, since we need to devote time to the development that we achieve to obtain a success and influence that is remarkable enough. I have seen how people with a high influence have quite interesting publications, with good content and excellent development, but they have also published some poor content so to speak, compared to their other posts, including a simple photograph without much contrast, and still those publications get as many comments as votes, as well as good quality. While it is known that it is because of their influence, it is also necessary the time they had to devote to reaching their position. A time that they had to deliver and that with the advance they managed to balance in order to be where they are now in the Steemit social network.


In my case and as in many, I have not been able to obtain a good balance in terms of the distribution of time to develop my content, publish good posts, even though I have the idea.

I am a person with responsibilities, independent work, but I am also a husband, I am a father, I am a son, I am a friend. And I can’t forget the fact of the responsibility that I have in every area of ​​my life.

Now to be able to optimize the time that I dedicate to some publication I must also commit more my time in the development of activities that help me grow as a writer, artist, poet and others to move forward until I reach the moment when I just sit down post, get more attention of the community in general, so as to achieve the inspiration, motivation, growth of other Steemians, people who like me have the desire to not only have good content, but to capture the heart , the attention and appreciation of those who read the lines of each content that I publish.

In conclusion, it is necessary in addition to understanding your participation, organizing the time of each activity that you develop daily, because Steemit is not just a world … it is a complement to your world when you decided to make it part of your day to day. And there you will be closer to your success.

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