As you already know and it is international news in Venezuela, we lived more than 100 hours without light, good at least in my sector, some still have the hope that it will arrive, this happens because the electrical system collapses due to the lack of maintenance of All these years.


We are still without water and the electric power has not been re-established in the whole country, this was practically a national strike. Everything was paralyzed, transport, work, classes, people locked up, anxiety for lack of news and information, leaving a bitter taste in their mouths.

The meat about to get lost because they could not stand, we had to do everything in one day, look for food in the few shops that achieved a little signal in their wireless electronic points of sale, where you could only buy rice and flour


Drinking water about to run out, dirty clothes without being able to wash, administering as much as possible because the situation seemed to lengthen. Without leaving, only for what is necessary.

Protests on all sides and the government collectives avoiding it, intimidating people so that they would not protest because of the discontent that for years has been had of the worst government that has existed in Venezuela.

Perhaps we do not compare what we have with what other nations have lived, but we know that we do not wish this to anyone.

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